Talent Development

  • Differentiate between Star performers and Moderate performers
  • Excellence building programs (at various levels
  • Focused approach on OD programs
    • Objective training curriculum
    • Project based activity (e.g reducing attrition, absenteeism, transition of an account etc.)
    • Robust Performance feedback post training
Performance Management System

Performance is assessed on the following parameters:

  • Quantitative Performance
  • Productivity
  • Attendance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Effective methods to provide Feedback to employees
  • Process-based Recognition/ Rewards
  • Feedback is regular part of Transaction Monitoring
Growth Opportunities

Vertical and horizontal career paths for associates:

  • TLs, supervisors, Operations managers
  • Quality executives, Trainers, Verifiers and Other Functions
  • Internal promotions/movements preferred to lateral hiring
  • Above 80% of Associate to TL promotions from internal talent pool